Network cabinets
Server Cabinet series
Wall mounted Cabinet series
Frame series
Cabinet Accessories , PDU

Storage battery series
GNB batteries
Germany S0nnenschein

Precision air conditioning-computer room air conditioner
CM series, P series, M series
Wine cellar air-conditioned

UPS power supply
A series, DE series, EX series , P series
RE series ,TA series, TB series , TC series

Lightning products
Box-type power surge protector
Modular power surge protector

Power surge protection outlets
Low-voltage power surge protector

Distribution products
STS static switch
UPS input output distribution Cabinet
GBL-1 distribution Cabinet

UPS bypass switch cabinet
UPS power control cabinet

Intelligent precision power distribution system

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    PULOYS Environmental Technology Co.,LTD
    Tel: 00-44-776497068
    Fax: 00-44-2073581881
    Address: Wellington House,4-10 Cowley Road,Uxbridge,Yb8 2XW
    PULOYS international Technology Energy Companyheadquarters in London, England. For many years, and Puloys has focused on information and communication industry room environment controls product design, development and manufacturing for the global communications and Internet users with a comprehensive range of precision cooling decontamination solution. As the world's a big electric company brand research and manufacturing. Achievement of a group of United States, and France, and Germany, and Italy, and other famous companies.

    Products related to communication power, custom power supply, UPS, EPS, special precision air conditioning room, ATS automatic switch, power, storage battery, the low-voltage distribution network protection products and sophisticated distribution Cabinet and power equipment and environment monitoring system,

    Operating power supply, AC inverters, and other fields.

    PULOYS  has the industry's widest and most complete technology lines of energy products, energy technology has industry-leading technology, research and development, manufacturing and service platform. Pu Luosi companies set up branches in more than 150 countries and regions in the world. In order to better serve users in Asia and the Pacific region, has been established in 1988, PULOYS  industrial co., Ltd. products involving software, technology, military, aerospace, energy, finance, real estate, water projects, and so on. With the rapid development of China's economy, has been established in 2008, Yang Pu Pu Luosi Secretary for industry limited company of Beijing and in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to set up nationwide sales and service network.

    PULOYS  industry limited company committed to the perfect combination of technology and application of engineering and technology, is committed to providing customers with the most competitive end-to-end integrated total solutions, is committed to creating competitive advantage for customers.

    PULOYS constant innovation and progress, and constantly strive to improve our environment! create a better future!

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